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1.The cost of printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 4000 printer
2.The cost of printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 4800 printer
3.Comparison of lenses: Canon 24~105mm f/4 L and Canon 28~135mm IS USM f/3.5~5.6
Articles published by The Luminous-Landscape:
4.Scanning film for Near Digital Quality Images
Other Articles and Contributions:
Research on scanning resolution:pages 83~85, in Harald Johnson:"Mastering Digital Printing" 2nd Edition
The Deep Shade Dilemma
6.Do Your Curves Throw You a Curve
5.Scanning Colour Negatives with Silverfast Ai 6 Studio
7.Between the Shoe Box and the Portfolio Box
"Total" Dynamic Range with Total Control
Luminosity Blending
Camera Raw Presentation to Photo Plus Expo Oct. 2007
Those Pesky Bright Reds
8. Some Noise About Noise
9. The cost of printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer
10. Camera Metrics
11. You'd Be Surprised What Those Files May Contain
12. Scanning: The Old World Joins the New
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13. Topaz DeNoise 4.1 review
14. Plustek Optic Film 7600i-Ai Review
15. Medium Format Shoot-out (with Nick Devlin)
16. Nik Silver EFEX Pro Review
17. Epson 4900 Printer Review
18. Epson 4900 Printer Review Addendum
19. Mounting Prints on Aluminium Composite
20. Scanning Colour Negatives: Raw or Not?
21. Accessories You May Want for Your Epson 4900
22. Sony 10~18mm f/4 E Lens Review